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Oct 28, 2014

The Stanislavski system is one of the best methods to learn about

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The Stanislavski System is a method of acting used by actors that is developed by a Russian actor and producer named Konstantin Stanislavski. This method was developed in the 20th century and was considered as another version of realism or realistic acting. 

The Stanislavski system requires the actor to apply his emotional memories or none other than his past experiences in his life. The entrance of the actor to the stage is set at the continuation of his life and not at the beginning of the act or the beginning of his life. 

This method is also greatly used in plays in the Soviet Union and the United States, and is also in plays such as the one we are doing in class made by Anton Chekov called The Bear. 

Some of the main concepts in the Stanislavski system are observation, motivation and emotional memory. Stanislavski was an observer and he liked to observe people, and he encouraged the people who practice the system to observe people’s traits and personalities. 

Therefore, every character that the actor plays can and should be inspired and adapted by the actor’s observation. Motivation is one of the simplest concepts of the system. The actor could often question himself what his or her motivation is or why the character does or say things like this. The actor must study the characteristics of the character and carefully determine what motivates their character to do the things they do. 

Lastly, emotional memory is one of the important keys in the system. To play a character in a realism play, the actors can’t fake the emotions their character is feeling, instead, they have to grow the feelings and actually feel it as they play their character. The actors can reach deep into their emotional memories to play their character so they could connect with the audience and thus, they can create a beautiful play. 

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In our play, The Bear by Anton Chekov, I have tried to practice all the main concepts that our teacher taught us in the Stanislavski system. Mostly, I am practicing and improving my skills for the emotional memories. To become my character in the play, I have to reach deep in my emotional memories to feel the desperation and frustration that my character is feeling in the play. 

In my opinion, because of all the practice we did in class with concentration and focus, I have became better in focusing and concentrating on my play and therefore I have showed my emotional memories that connects with the audience and my character. 

I think that observation was one of the most useful techniques I have learnt, because by observing what my character’s personality is like, I could connect better with my character and hence I could practice my emotional memories. 

I think that the Stanislavski system is one of the best methods to learn about because not only that it is important, it is also very difficult to do and to master the Stanislavski system meant that I could improve in other methods of acting.

(written by Gabriela N)

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