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Oct 21, 2014

Monologue Script About Friend

8:10 AM

Monologue script- Best Friend

Setting: There’s a girl in a room. In the right corner of a room there’s a table and a chair. At the table there are some books, one of them are the girl’s diary. The girl stand beside the table looking at a syringe filled with an addictive formula. The girl look anxious and quiet, then she’s crying. 

No…no…. why do you leave me? I love u. why do you pick her instead of me? Best friend, how dare you… best friend? Do you know that you are fraud, a boy taker? Congratulation both of you, I won’t bother you guys. Great…Great congratulation, but I love you. You are my first love. There is no one who understands me more than you. Maybe, maybe this object can help me forget you easily. Maybe, only this… can be my only best friend, Right syringe? You’re my best friend right?
Hey syringe do you know? Do you know how hard it is to get his heart?! (The woman crying, she kept crying and then she’s laughing and calming down)

The first time I met him is at the student orientation. He’s handsome, cool, and he has Korean look on his face. He is kind of my type, an idol type. Then suddenly we’re classmates, almost a year I kept my feeling and suddenly on the 8th grade we’re classmate again. Could this be fate? Was it is then if both of us are not meant to be together? So there is such thing as god.

There’s once where me and my best friend follow him to his courses place, but then he saw me and called my name. We panicked, my brain all washed up to make an excuse. He asks me why am I doing here, then I said I was lost direction and want to go home. Finally he take me back to my house, since then the two of us went back together, well not just two I mean three, the third one is my best friend, ex best friend. Not too long after that he said he loves me and want me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes. It was the happiest day of my life, until that person who claims to be my best friend took him away from me.

That’s why syringe, you are the one who understands me now. Someone said that if I near you, you would make fly, fly high up into the sky, fly me up to make me forget all this trouble, you wait here. Okay now I need… ahh (the girl put the syringe back to the table. She went directly to a chair. There’s a belt hanging in the chair. The girl took the belt but then she reminisces while looking at the chair, then she smiles) 

Mother… father… they’re always busy. Busy with their business so there’s no wondering they don’t know that I have problems. Father…father… somehow, when each time I saw this chair, it always remind me of my father. Syringe, this chair is a present from my father, because of this chair; I become one of the smartest students at school. Usually my father never does a rough work, but one day he saw how lazy I am studying, so he had an idea to make a chair and a table for me. After work, he tries to make the chair and the table. My mother told me that. She’s also said that once father make a promise, it’s a promise so no matter what it must be fulfilled.  He tries so hard even though sometime he fails, but he still believe that he could build it, and he would try harder. 

My father kinds remind with Thomas Alfa Edison. You know the person who failed to make a light bulb. You should know that Thomas Alfa Edison had nine hundred ninety nine failures, but he succeeded at his one thousand efforts. Thomas Alfa Edison said that his nine hundred ninety nine failures is a progress, and the one thousand efforts is a success.  Because of my father hard working ethics and diligence, every time I studying and doing my homework in that table, I got good grades. That is because of my father. 

(The girl suddenly became quiet, and then she looked at a book, a diary. Then she laughs)

Mother… mother. My mother is so nice; this diary is from my mother. She gave me this when I begin my days as a junior high school student. She said that I’m growing up, puberty. On this diary I write all of my nicest and my bad days, my mother said that I should write my feelings too. Mother and father are very busy so they don’t have much time for me. That’s why… that’s why I should write on this diary, mother is really nice.
Mom… dad… I love you. I really love you. I wouldn’t destroy your feeling with destroying the trust that you have given me. 

I (the girl look to the syringe) mom… dad… I’m sorry. I almost hurt your feeling, I suppose that boy wasn’t the one, or my destiny, maybe this isn’t the right time for me to have a relationship. I must keep learning, keep studying. I can’t stop learning on this table and this chair. I must keep writing on this diary. Mom and dad… forget about best friend.
Syringe, I’m sorry. This time we can’t be friends or maybe we would never be friends. There still another way for me to handle my sadness. That is by learning and writing on this diary. Good bye syringe. (The girl annihilate the syringe, went to the table and writes on the diary)

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