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Oct 27, 2014

Drama essay-The History of Wayang

1:17 PM
Wayang is a traditional Indonesian shadow play which is a unique combination of ritual, lesson and entertainment. Not only is this form of art very beatit is also considered to be the oldest freestanding puppet form. 
wayang kulit show

It is stated that the earliest references was from the 800s . Back then, Indonesia was greatly influenced by India and China. this has caused debates on whether wayang is indegenous to Indonesia or was introduced by either one of the two countries. 

The very first documentation of a wayang performances is from an insription (in the year 930CE) which says "Sir Galagi Plays wayang". From that period of time until this veryday, it seems like there aren't alot of significant changes to this tradional puppet theatre. However, the indigenious storytelly telling traditions played a significant role in the development of wayang.

(written by helena ametta)

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