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Mar 5, 2012

Pantomime Workshop for Children with Septian Dwi Cahyo

2:07 PM


Pantomime Workshop for Children
pantomime workshop with Septian Dwi Cahyo

An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Unit: Signs and Symbols

What evidence will we look for? 

Drama – different gestures and facial expressions

What do we want to learn?

What are the key concepts (form, function, causation, change, connection, perspective, responsibility, and reflection) to be emphasized within this inquiry?
FORM – signs and symbols

CAUSATION – reasons for the development of communication systems

REFLECTION – specialized systems of communication

What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

·         Signs and symbols

·         Reasons for the development of communication systems

·         Specialized systems of communication


What teacher questions/provocations will drive these inquiries?

 ·        What are the different signs and symbols that you see?

·         Why do people create signs and symbols?

·         How are they important to us?

·         What are their meanings?

·         How did different communication systems develop?


·         Display of different signs and symbols

How best might we learn? 

What are the learning experiences suggested by the teacher and/or students to encourage the students to engage with the inquiries and address the driving questions?

TUNING IN – film viewing of Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean and Helen Keller; invite Septian Dwi Cahyo on pantomime; school tour to observe different signs and symbols; classify different signs and symbols 

FINDING OUT – research about Marcel Marceau; create a collage and explain the meaning of the various signs and symbols; invite traffic enforcer

SORTING OUT – booklet on different communication systems (hieroglyphics, Morse code, Braille, etc.)

GOING FURTHER – pantomime performance

MAKING CONNECTIONS - field trip to the school for the deaf and mute
What opportunities will occur for transdisciplinary skills development and for the development of the attributes of the learner profile? 

Communication Skills – present a treasure map or fantasy island; come up with pantomime performance
Research Skills – booklet on different communication systems 

Thinker – make synopsis of pantomime; research on Marcel Marceau

Summative assessment task:

Students work in groups to perform pantomime. 

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