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Mar 26, 2012

Drama Performance Hang Juro Teater el Na'ma Indonesia: Drama and Society

2:00 PM

Drama Performance

“Drama is concerned with living, with the way we lead our lives” (Bruce Burton)

Sunday, November 25, 2012 a number of 123 students from Grade 8 watched the drama performance Hang Juro’ played by theater Elna’ma Indonesia in Gelanggang Remaja Bulungan as the sequence of the Indonesia Theatre Festival. This excursion was supervised by Mr Boy Luna and Mr. Danang Hidayatullah from Art Department.
The presence of grade 8 in the show is a series of studying the history of Asian Theatreafter they study the script of Sampek Engtay (China), Rashomon (Japan)and research on lives and works of WS Rendra and Akutagawa.

Hang Juro was a ship captain who was leading his crew on a journey to the Treasure Island. Along the waythey are faced with many problemshurricanes, severe weatherthe captain also has to face dissension among the crew.

Hang Juro by Teater El Na'ma Indonesia
Many things can be learned from the show this timeBesides the drama techniques shown by actors on the stageHang Juro also teach attitudesvalues ​​and morals of people in this life to the studentsThat to achieve the goaleach people should have an attituderesponsibility, respectand open-minded.
The purpose and goals will not be achieved if there is no cooperation and resilient spirit.

 “I think the performance was nice. The actor did a good job of performing and acting as they were real pirates. Their voices were quite loud considering there were no microphones. I learned how to act as something that I am not entirely” (Dino, 8B)

“All of the actors were so in to their character, I’ve learned a lot from the performance, like their voice projection, blocking and facial expression” (Eva, 8B)

“The story teach me how important is teamwork and cooperation. If we work together and cooperate, things would be easier” (Amyra Atheefa, 8D)Expecting two hour show this time engages and challenges students to maximize their individual abilities through imaginative and creative drama process in the future.

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