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Feb 16, 2012

Drama for Kids

12:30 PM

All children are born with inborn acting skills! Just look at how they manage to mimic what goes on around them from a tender age. Whether it is the tweeting of a bird or how their parents talk, children will manage to mimic it in a near perfect manner while playing. Drama for kids will help them improve their skills as they discover themselves in the journey of life.

drama for kids

An Introduction to Drama

Drama is simply imagination put into role play. For children, drama is one of the best ways to explore their imaginations to the fullest. All the magic and wonder of being a child can be experienced through drama. It offers a platform for children to discover their personalities while having fun.

Drama Lessons for Kids

Unlike teenagers, kids understand things when put in a simple manner. When planning lessons on drama for kids, demonstrations must be included. As the tutor, you need to demonstrate how each character needs to be portrayed. Simple lines should be given to the kids to cram; complex ones will not only be difficult for them to cram but they will get the fun out of it all. Children should be encouraged to use their imagination in acting out their roles without many restrictions.

Drama Activities for Kids

There are just so many activities children can engage in during drama. From designing their costumes to acting out their parts, the activity list is endless. You can have the children help in painting and dressing each other. This is a fun way to help them socialize with each other while at the same time reducing the tutor’s work. As for setting up the stage, they can help with that too. This will bring out their creativity as they will suggest different ideas and a combination of them all will surely be more stunning than the initial plan. Whatever activities you engage children in during drama, ensure they bring out the best of their imagination without risking their safety.

Acting Games for Kids

Drama for kids is all about acting and pretending to be another person. Acting games will help children feel what it would be like to be something they are not. They can take the roles of what they would like to be when they grow up, roles of favorite fairies they've heard of in stories or roles of people they would never want to be because of bad behavior exhibited by such people in the play. They teach children moral lessons better than any read story ever would.

Plays for kids

There are many plays kids can take part it, from those of their own imaginations to those designed by their teachers and even the classical ones. Some of the common ones include:

  • Annie the Little Orphan
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Snow White
  • The Gingerbread Girl
  • The Pint Sized Pirate

To sum up, drama for kids is important in helping them grow up wholly. It helps them experience the joy of being a child to the fullest as they act out what they imagine in their wildest imaginations. It gives them the chance to improve their personalities and understand life from a broader perspective. It offers a way to learn new things and experience different emotions and learn how to handle them.

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