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Nov 25, 2014

Annie Musical Scene 3 adapted from Annie Movie

10:50 AM

The New York City Municipal Orphanage (Girls' Annex)

Miss Hannigan      :Oh, you poor little thing. I hope you didn’t catch a cold out there. I don’t know whatever I’d do with you.
Annie                     : Scrub the floors yourself?
Miss Hannigan      : (To orphans) All right, the show’s over! Back to your rooms!
Miss Hannigan      : (to Annie) and you! If the Board of Orphans finds out about this, they’ll start nosin’ around here and I could lose my job.
ANNIE                    : But I thought you hated your job.
MISS HANNIGAN      : Oh, no. I love my job. It’s kid I hate. You wait here. I’m gonna go cook up your punishment. And it’s gonna be adoozy.
TESSIE                   : Miss Hannigan, Miss Hannigan! We saw a mouse! A mouse!
MISS HANNIGAN      : Do I look like the exterminator?
Katie                     : There it is! Up there!
Julie                     : No, it’s there!
Pepper                  : I tell you, it’s there!(Stomps On Foot)
                             (ALL LAUGHING)
MISS HANNIGAN      : (Screams) Out my sight! All of you! Scram! Ow (Panting)
Molly                   : Boo! (ALL LAUGHING)
(Somebody knocks the door)
Grace Farrow      :Excuse me. I was told I’d find a Miss Hannigan here.
Ms. Hannigan       :And who might you be?
GracE Farrow       :I’m Grace Farrow. The City Board Orphans said…
Ms. Hannigan       :Look, it was all a mistake. Somehow, Annie got in the laundry basket. Well, one thing led to another, and I had to call the cops. Please don’t fire me!
Annie musical scene 3 performed by the students
from one of the international school
Grace         Farrow       :I think you must have me confused with somebody else.
Ms. Hannigan       :O, I get it (Scoffs). Uh, listen, honey, if you’re pedlin beauty products, I don’t need any.
Grace Farrow      : Miss Hannigan, I do not peddle anything. I’m personal secretary to Mr.Oliver Warbucks.
Ms. Hannigan       :The Oliver Warbucks?
Grace Farrow      :Yes.
Ms. Hannigan       :The richest men in the world?
Grace Farrow      :Yes. The Board of Orphans sent me here to extend Mr. Warbucks’ personal invitation to an orphan to spend the holidays in his home.
Ms. Hannigan       : I’m an orphan. I can be ready in five minutes.
Grace Farrow      : An orphan child. Perhaps a child like this one.
Annie                    :Great idea. I’m a child and I am an orphan.
Ms. Hannigan       : A liar! Annie ain’t no orphan. She’s my little girl, and she’s nothing but trouble.
Grace Farrow      : That seems hard to believe.
Ms. Hannigan       : Look, you can have any orphan in the joint, only you can’t have  Annie.
Grace Farrow      : If this has something to do with the laundry or the police, perhaps the Board of Orphans should know.
Ms. Hannigan       : She’s all yours
Grace Farrow      : If you’ll just sign the paper work and get Annie’s coat.
Ms. Hannigan       : Coat? Why would a kid need a coat?
Grace Farrow      :We’ll buy you one at Bergdorf’s on the way uptown.
Annie                    : Really?
Grace Farrow      : Yeah
Ms. Hannigan       : Bergdorf’s? Well, ain’t we fancy?

Annie                    :You’ll never guess what happened. I get to go away for New  Year.

Yeach…Bye Annie…Bye!

*Please take note that annie musical scene 3 here is adapted from Annie Movie for the learning purpose only.

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