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Nov 21, 2014

The Power of Drama Skills in Successful Teaching and Learning

1:19 PM

Introducing DHE Teaching Skills:

 “DHE” is implemented to simplify the learning and teaching process. 
With is unique requirements, it provides teaching skills that are efficient and served as a handy tool for teachers and parents in their daily teaching process. 

“DHE” is a concept, a mindset and a thinking process. It does not solely refer to a particular method or teaching plan. 
Through understanding the methodology, everyone will be able to design the best teaching and training package that suits the best for the one that is going to be taught.

“DHE” can be used for any subject. 
The human elements simplify the teaching of behavior and emotions. It will stimulate and light up the process. The learning and teaching experience will become fun and easy.

Regardless you are students, teacher or parent; this experience will bring new meanings for you to discover the beautiful side of teaching and learning. The purpose of education is then enlightened.


  • Drama is used as the key tool enhance the teaching skill and furthermore to achieve better results. 
  • To break barrier between different learning pattern and fulfill the needs of different learning patterns. 
  • To understand the actual learning process and variations in emotion of children to hit the best outcome. 
  • Heart to heart. Human to human. A methodology that highlighted human as the base. 
  • Believe the uniqueness of each child.

Learning Objectives:

·         To master “to teach” using drama skill” and make it handy in daily teaching process.

·         To create stimulation in the teaching process of teachers and learning process of students.

·         To create fun and stress free environment.

·         To enhance the teacher’s inner quality and proficiency in teaching

·         To understand the growth of children EQ and to create platform for children to release their negative emotions.

Resource: Drama Workshop for Teachers at JDC Jakarta-Indonesia, conducted by Douglas Wong Yean Reun organized by Mentari

Douglas Wong Yean Reun
  • Degree in Creative Arts-Theatre (majoring in theatre education), University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Drama Teaching and Children Education, Taiwan
  • Whole Brain Learning and Brain Gym, Singapore
  • Lecture in Multimedia University Malaysia
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