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Jan 3, 2015

Acting Tips For Auditions from Margie Haber

6:15 PM

Acting Tips For Auditions 1

  • When you are feeling insecure, imagine the casting director is sitting on the toilet. After  all, they're human, just like you and me.
  • In the waiting room, find a private place to work and save the socializing for after your audition.
  • You deverse to get this job, so believe in yourself. If you don't they won't.

Acting Tips For Auditions 2

  • Get to know whom you're auditioning for. What are her credits?Is she more businesslike  or does she like to chat?
  • When you first enter the room, use the time to get centered. 
  • Take advantage of your mistakes-they'll keep you spontaneous.
  • Don't forget the imaginary space between you and the casting director. Respect that space!
  • Don't apologize for yourself. Take your power into the audition.
  • Keep it simple, Sweatheart!
  • Listen. Take care your time. have fun.

Acting Tips For Auditions  3

  • It's okay to interact with your  interviewer, but don't ask too many personal questions. Some actors walk into the room and try to flip the balance of power by saying, "So tell me about you." Interviewes don't want that. You're there to be interviewed, not to do the interviewing.
  • Let your personality shine through. That's what makes the casting directors want to  hire you.
  • Never use the world "small". You know the saying, "There are no small parts, only small actors." Don't undermine yourself or undervalue your role.
  • Trust that what you have to offer is enough.

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