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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drama Script- Annie The Little Orphan


Scene 1 
The New York Municipal Orphanage (Girls' Annex)

Molly            : Mama! Mommy!
Pepper         : Shut her up so I can sleep.
July              : Molly, wake up and shut up.
Kate             : Leave Molly alone.
July              : You wanna make something out of it?
Pepper         : Come on, July, beat her up.
July              : Get her, Pepper!
Annie           :(Shouting) Stop it!
(Shouting Continues)
Lay of July! If Hannigan wakes up, she’ll get sore.
(Facing Molly)
It’s okay Molly. You were just having another nightmare.
Molly            :I want my mommy and daddy.
Pepper         : Uh, molly, we ain’t got mommies and daddies. And we ain’t ever gonna have them. That’s why we are called orphans
Annie           :I’m not an orphan. My parents are alive, and they are coming to get me someday .
Molly            : Yeah and Annie’s got a note that proves it.
Will you read it to me, Annie? Please…
Annie           :(Reading a paper) “Please take good care of our little darling. Her name is Annie. She was born….”
July              : Was born on October 28.
Orphans       : We will be back to get her soon. We have left half of a silver locket around her neck and keep the other half, so that when we come back for her, you will know that she’s our baby! (laughing)
Annie           : (Facing Pepper) Do you wanna sleep with your teeth inside your mouth or out?(yelling) Now get to sleep! I know these don’t mean anything to you, but they’re everything to me. They’re proof I got parents.
Tessie           : Do you really think they are out there Annie?
Annie           : Yap. And I’m gonna meet them someday.

A song “Maybe” by Annie


Pepper         : Now what?
Annie           : If my folks haven’t found me, I’m gonna find them.
Pepper         : Again?
Annie           : Pepper, watch out for Molly!
Kate             : But what if Miss Hanigan catches you?
Annie           : She won’t.
Ms.Hannigan : Boo. Trying to make a break…again.
(Annie showing her back) What the heck are you doing?
Annie           : Are you gonna beat tar out of me?
Ms.Hannigan : Have I ever hit any of you?
Annie           : No. But you’ve threatened. That’s worse.
Ms.Hannigan : I know (laughing).
 Kid, if you think it’s bad in here, it’s lousy out there.   
 I’m doing you’re a favor by not letting you go.
Annie           : (whispering)
Ms.Hannigan : What do you say?
Annie           : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Ms.Hannigan : I can’t hear you!
Annie           : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Ms.Hannigan : Rotten orphan.
Annie           : I’m not an orphan! My parents left me with a note saying they’d come back for me.
Ms.Hannigan : (Laughing) That was 1922. This is 1933. You’re an orphan.
(Blowing Whistle) Rise and shine! Rise and shine!
(Girls Moaning)
Tessie          : But it’s in the middle of the night.
Ms.Hannigan : Don’t you think I know that? Annie here tried to run away…again. So as a little welcome home party, you’re all gonna clean this dump till it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building. What do you say?
Together      : We love you, Miss Hannigan.
Ms.Hannigan : And I love you. Now, scrub these floors. Strip them beds for the laundry man. Get to work! (shouting) Now!

A SONG “It’ The Hard-Knock Life” by: Annie & Orphans

(Blowing Whistle)
Ms.Hannigan          : Good Morning, children.
Together                : Good Morning Miss Hannigan
Molly                     : (Hiding) Good Morning Miss Hannigan
Ms.Hannigan          : What the heck? What are you doing in there?
Molly                     : Nothing.
Ms.Hannigan          : Get out of there.
Mr Bundles             : Morning, Kids!
Together                : Morning, Mr.Bundles!
Mr.Bundles             : Morning, Miss Aggie! Okay kids, clean sheets once a month, whether you need them or not.
Together                : Thank you, Mr. Bundles!
Ms.Hannigan          : (Blows Whistle)
Mr Bundles             : Oh, Miss Aggie, I live for laundry day here at your fine establishment. Oh, Miss Aggie, won’t you let me even take you out for an ice cream “sodee”?
Ms.Hannigan          : No.
Mr Bundles             : How come?
Ms.Hannigan          : Cause I’m saving my self for Oliver Warbucks. Now get the lousy laundry. Get the heck outta here.
Mr Bundles             : Oh, very well. And Happy New Year to all!
Together                : Bye Mr. Bundles!
Duffy                      : Miss Hannigan, may we please have our breakfast now?
Ms.Hannigan          : No. You may have it later.
[Girls Groaning]
Ms.Hannigan          :There’s a rush order of dresses you gotta finish. You’ll eat after you’re done at your sewing machines. That is, if you done a good job. [Blows Whistle] Roll call!
Pepper                   : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
July                       : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Kate                      : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Duffy                     : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Tessie                    : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Molly                     : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Ms.Hannigan           : Annie! Get your little orphan self out here!
July                       : Oh Miss Hannigan, Annie ain’t here.
Ms.Hannigan           : Really? Where is she?
Kate                      : Mr. Bundles rolled her out with the dirty laundry.
Ms.Hannigan          : What? I could lose my license. Bundles, come back here!
Together                : (Laughing)
Ms.Hannigan                    : Come back, Bundles. Come back!
Molly                     : Yea! Annie made it!

A SONG “It’ The Hard-Knock Life”(reprise) By Orphans


Kathy Frank said...

How did you get the script? I am trying to do this musical for my students and I haven't been able to find a reasonably priced script. HELP!!!! Kathy Frank

danhid said...

hi Kathy,
I just typed by myself from it's movie

Louise de eenhoorn said...

where i can find the other senes

danhid said...

hi Louise,
are you going to do this musical also?

Molly Baron said...

revbhjrbjvfsd zx

Undecided... said...

Hello I would like to preform this with my students. Would you like to share your script with me? Thank you!