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Feb 17, 2012

Drama Script- ANNIE The Little Orphan

1:20 PM

ANNIE Script
Scene 1 
The New York City Municipal Orphanage (Girls' Annex)

Molly            : Mama! Mommy!
Pepper         : Shut her up so I can sleep.
July              : Molly, wake up and shut up.
Kate             : Leave Molly alone.
July              : You wanna make something out of it?
Pepper         : Come on, July, beat her up.
July              : Get her, Pepper!
Annie           :(Shouting) Stop it!
(Shouting Continues)
Lay of July! If Hannigan wakes up, she’ll get sore.
(Facing Molly)
It’s okay Molly. You were just having another nightmare.
Molly            :I want my mommy and daddy.
Pepper         : Uh, molly, we ain’t got mommies and daddies. And we ain’t ever gonna have them. That’s why we are called orphans
Annie           :I’m not an orphan. My parents are alive, and they are coming to get me someday .
Molly            : Yeah and Annie’s got a note that proves it.
Will you read it to me, Annie? Please…
Annie           :(Reading a paper) “Please take good care of our little darling. Her name is Annie. She was born….”
July              : Was born on October 28.
Orphans       : We will be back to get her soon. We have left half of a silver locket around her neck and keep the other half, so that when we come back for her, you will know that she’s our baby! (laughing)
Annie           : (Facing Pepper) Do you wanna sleep with your teeth inside your mouth or out?(yelling) Now get to sleep! I know these don’t mean anything to you, but they’re everything to me. They’re proof I got parents.
Tessie           : Do you really think they are out there Annie?
Annie           : Yap. And I’m gonna meet them someday.

Annie Script performed by kids at one of the international school

A song “Maybe” by Annie

Pepper         : Now what? 
Annie           : If my folks haven’t found me, I’m gonna find them.
Pepper         : Again?
Annie           : Pepper, watch out for Molly!
Kate             : But what if Miss Hanigan catches you?
Annie           : She won’t.
Ms.Hannigan : Boo. Trying to make a break…again.
(Annie showing her back) What the heck are you doing?
Annie           : Are you gonna beat tar out of me?
Ms.Hannigan : Have I ever hit any of you?
Annie           : No. But you’ve threatened. That’s worse.
Ms.Hannigan : I know (laughing).
 Kid, if you think it’s bad in here, it’s lousy out there.   
 I’m doing you’re a favor by not letting you go.
Annie           : (whispering)
Ms.Hannigan : What do you say?
Annie           : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Ms.Hannigan : I can’t hear you!
Annie           : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Ms.Hannigan : Rotten orphan.
Annie           : I’m not an orphan! My parents left me with a note saying they’d come back for me.
Ms.Hannigan : (Laughing) That was 1922. This is 1933. You’re an orphan.
(Blowing Whistle) Rise and shine! Rise and shine!
(Girls Moaning)
Tessie          : But it’s in the middle of the night.
Ms.Hannigan : Don’t you think I know that? Annie here tried to run away…again. So as a little welcome home party, you’re all gonna clean this dump till it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building. What do you say?
Together      : We love you, Miss Hannigan.
Ms.Hannigan : And I love you. Now, scrub these floors. Strip them beds for the laundry man. Get to work! (shouting) Now!

A SONG “It’ The Hard-Knock Life” by: Annie & Orphans

(Blowing Whistle)
Ms.Hannigan          : Good Morning, children.
Together                : Good Morning Miss Hannigan
Molly                     : (Hiding) Good Morning Miss Hannigan
Ms.Hannigan          : What the heck? What are you doing in there?
Molly                     : Nothing.
Ms.Hannigan          : Get out of there.
Mr Bundles             : Morning, Kids!
Together                : Morning, Mr.Bundles!
Mr.Bundles             : Morning, Miss Aggie! Okay kids, clean sheets once a month, whether you need them or not.
Together                : Thank you, Mr. Bundles!
Ms.Hannigan          : (Blows Whistle)
Mr Bundles             : Oh, Miss Aggie, I live for laundry day here at your fine establishment. Oh, Miss Aggie, won’t you let me even take you out for an ice cream “sodee”?
Ms.Hannigan          : No.
Mr Bundles             : How come?
Ms.Hannigan          : Cause I’m saving my self for Oliver Warbucks. Now get the lousy laundry. Get the heck outta here.
Mr Bundles             : Oh, very well. And Happy New Year to all!
Together                : Bye Mr. Bundles!
Duffy                      : Miss Hannigan, may we please have our breakfast now?
Ms.Hannigan          : No. You may have it later.
[Girls Groaning]
Ms.Hannigan          :There’s a rush order of dresses you gotta finish. You’ll eat after you’re done at your sewing machines. That is, if you done a good job. [Blows Whistle] Roll call!
Pepper                   : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
July                       : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Kate                      : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Duffy                     : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Tessie                    : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Molly                     : I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Ms.Hannigan           : Annie! Get your little orphan self out here!
July                       : Oh Miss Hannigan, Annie ain’t here.
Ms.Hannigan           : Really? Where is she?
Kate                      : Mr. Bundles rolled her out with the dirty laundry.
Ms.Hannigan          : What? I could lose my license. Bundles, come back here!
Together                : (Laughing)
Ms.Hannigan                    : Come back, Bundles. Come back!
Molly                     : Yea! Annie made it!

A SONG “It’ The Hard-Knock Life”(reprise) By Orphans

ANNIE musical play  "Love more precious than money"

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Annie Script posted here just used by educational practitioner, for student consolidation at school, consolidating private student at home or college consolidation on stage performance only. In another hand generally used for the learning purpose and education only. 

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Kathy Frank said...

How did you get the script? I am trying to do this musical for my students and I haven't been able to find a reasonably priced script. HELP!!!! Kathy Frank

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where i can find the other senes

danhid said...

hi Louise,
are you going to do this musical also?

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Hello I would like to preform this with my students. Would you like to share your script with me? Thank you!

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Hello I am looking to do this with developmentally disabled adults would you share script with me at

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You're welcome, Imogen Sammels.

No Rice for Me said...

I would like to do this play with my Japanese high school students. Is there a full script? And may I use it? Also, how long is the run time?

Sinéad Deegan said...

Hi, do you know where I might find the rest of this script. It is excellent well
Done. Doing it as a school play in June

Sinéad Deegan said...

Hi just wondering where I may find the rest of this script. It is excellent well done. I am doing it as a school play in June.

The Girl Who Hasn't "Done It" said...

I'm looking to work on this script with my Hebrew School kids. Is it possible for you to send me the rest?

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Hi there, I am doing the Annie musical with Year 5/6 girls and would love if you could send me the script if you had it by any chance? My email is
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