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Feb 24, 2012

Drama Performance The Broadcast by Maureen Steewart

11:02 AM

Dramatic Reading exercise

We interrupt this program to bring you an urgent message.

This is a high priority message. Repeat. This is a high priority message.

do not attempt to leave the place where you are now. repeat. 
stay where you are. we are in a state of total emergency, priority one.

The Poster
repeat. total emergency, priority one. we are in a state of nuclear war.

do not panic. repeat. do not panic. We will bring you updates of the situation as soon as possible.

You are listening BiS radio, the voice of the people.
Repeat. We are in a priority one, emergency situation. do not panic.

The Broadcast written by Maureen Steewart Adapted for the learning purpose by Danang HIdayatullah

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