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Nov 28, 2014

Annie Scene 6- July, Pepper, Tessie, Molly and Miss Hannigan

10:36 AM
The New York Municipal Orphanage
July              : It’s Annie on the radio!
Pepper         : Who cares?
Tessie          : Shh!
Announcer   : And remember all out there: Oliver Warbucks is offering $50,000 to the couple who can prove they are Annie’s parents.
Kate             : $50,000 !
Announcer   : This is Burt Healey saying, smile, darn ya, smile
Pepper         : Good Night.
Molly            : That’s my favorite.
Pepper         : You’re a bunch of saps. Who cares if Annie was in the radio?
Molly            : I do.
July             : Me too
July             : I think it’d be fun to be on the radio. This is Burt Healey saying…
“Hey, hobo men, hey, dapper Dan, ya both got your style…

Annie, July, Pepper, Tesie, Molly and Miss Hannigan


Ms.Hannigan : Did I hear happiness in here? I still see smiles.That’s more like it.
Moly            : Miss. Hannigan, Annie was on the radio.
Tessie          : They’re sending out a search call for Annie’s parents.
Kate             : And there’s a $50,000 reward.
Ms. Hannigan : Well, how do you like them apples?
July             : Isn’t it great?
Ms. Hannigan : Great. Get to bed before I paddle you.
Kate             : But what about our dinner?
Ms. Hannigan : What about it?
Tessie          : You didn’t give us any.
Ms. Hannigan : Cause I knew you was gonna be bad tonight, so I punished ya ahead of time. Now scatter.

Ms. Hannigan : $50,000 reward (pause) I hate that kid so much I could be her mother.

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