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Oct 6, 2014

Drama Essay on the Stanislavski System

1:22 PM
The Stanislavski system is the system in which actors have to bring out real emotions and feelings. Made by Constantin Stanislavski who was a Russian actor and theater director whose method acting idea was very influential in the period after WW 2. It was a serious endeavor  requiring dedication, discipline and integrity  and used from 1911-1916 and was the father of modern acting. It had 10 steps to be used to achieve real tangible emotions

As mentioned before the system had 10 key elements to practice to achieve control of the most uncontrollable aspects of the human behavior. To practice the steps he had key elements to be used before starting. Relaxation included removing tension to obtain physical and vocal relaxation. Concentration and Observation meant that you should focus on one object, person or event. And Specifity, which required actors, gives details instead of generalizations. the 10 steps were “Given Circumstances” which dictated factors that influence the person. “Magic”If”” is the facts to place into yourself from your characters perspective. The “Super Objective” which was what your character wanted most in life, “Through Lines Of Actions” which is a particular way of dealing with obstacles. “Score” which meant writing down results into your script (if working with one). “Endowment” is to project onto people/objects qualities to bring to life. “Recall” which is to use the sense to awaken memories which are filtered into the character. “Images” is to film of the mind that speaks to your partner’s Eyes. “Physical/Vocal” which is External characteristic such as space, tempo, and rhythm. And “Creative Mood” which is to allow previous research to put into your current character 

While it is obviously advantageous to learn all of the practice steps and the actual elements it is most useful to focus on specific traits. The “Super Objective” is useful to find motivation in your character to amplify the effects trying to be put through. “Through Lines Of Action” is helpful since the essence of the play is the Smirnovs having an obstacle to get the money (which is the person who is actually in debt). “Magic If” is also useful to us to get into character to give a more believable character. “Specifity was also useful as the play does have some specific details. And  “Creative Mood” can be used to push our play to be more unique in comparison to the others. As for the practice steps could be used before. We can simply calm down and focus to be relaxed in order to be more believable, Concentration so we can get our motive and Score to be able to both improve and shorten the original 30 minute play to under 10( In which we did it by 6 minutes)

So in conclusion the Stanislavski was made in the 1911 and was used to create real emotions that were believable on stage. It had some practice steps which are used to be before and then use the multitude of steps to make our roles believable.(written by Anatholy, Kristo Mario)

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