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Oct 6, 2014

Drama Essay on The Stanislavsky method

1:25 PM
The Stanislavsky method utilizes the actor’s memory to show emotions that shall be reflected on stage at that moment. It makes it so the actor has to concentrate all of his or her sense to continue in the situation they are in so they can be able to respond freely in the stage or art environment. The method uses a wide range of many emotions so when the actors are on stage, it will be as if they were part of the real world rather than a fantasy world created by the original writers. The main approaches taken in this method are the areas of concentration, voice, physical skills, emotional memory, observation and dramatic analysis. One of the ways of performing were when the actors were supposed to use their own memories to express the truest, purest emotions on stage.

Anton Chekhov and the bear

In the play named “The Bear” we can use the Stanislavski method to our advantage in a multitude of ways. First off, when we were picking the roles for each actor, we tried to find who was best suited to each role; I myself was Smirnov, an arrogant man in his forties trying to pay his large debt by asking an old woman for the money she owes him. I found that this character was suitable for me because I am usually ignorant and arrogant towards my friends. I am always entitled to my opinion, and when I am proven wrong I usually don’t accept the truth. Since I found I had the most resemblance to Smirnov, I found he was the best role for someone like me. I will express my emotions which I will usually do on a weekly or daily basis on stage and will get a lot of praise for doing so.
                Personally I found the technique of emotional memory and physical skills as one as my most useful concepts. I found that emotional memory was very beneficial to me as it can already be reflected form my actions off the stage. I also found that physical skills were one of my strong points because the things which I do on stage just come naturally. By the things I do, I mean hand gestures and movement of my character on stage. For example, when I am thinking, I usually put my hand under my chin or look down, since all of those things just come naturally, I find no need practice it off-stage. Voice was also one of the things I exceled a lot at. Having the ability to change my tone of voice from a deep, low voice to a squeaky, high on demand is a gift. Practicing this by myself or just doing it naturally around my friends and family can help me a lot when doing performing on the stage.

In conclusion, I think that the Stanislavsky method is a very beneficial method meant for the arts. It has helped the society create good content on the stage and on the screen, seeing that live TV shows use realism as a base to work with just shows how much this method has had on the world (written by Madian, Rico Dharma)

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