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Oct 24, 2014

Character Analysis Macbeth

8:47 AM
Character Analysis Guide

The Witch ‘Amethyst’

What does she look like?

I picture my character, Amethyst the witch, as a young looking woman with a very dark and mysterious look. She prefers to wear dark clothing of either black or purple color and often wears a black dress with a long black coat. Her facial features are sharp and her eyes are dark/smoky looking.

Basic Psychological Characteristics

Amethyst has a very dark and demanding personality. She is the most powerful of the three witches, which makes her very much have the personality of a leader. Although her looks may seem deceiving, when angered she can be very vicious and aggressive towards others. Overall, she is very looked up to by all the other witches and she fears nothing.

How does she speak?

Without doing much moving, her words can hurt people around her. She uses very straightforward and specific words when talking to people but has a very dark and husky voice. She constantly selects her words carefully and tries to keep things mysterious. Amethyst speaks in vague language and is very manipulative as well.

What does she want?

The objective of Amethyst and the other witches is simply to be able to determine the fate of the people around her. She is always determined to be right and will stop at nothing to prove herself.

How does she get what she wants?

She gets what she wants through the use of magic. Because she is a supernatural being, she is capable to do things other people aren’t, such as using spells and mixing up potions.

What does she do when faced with problems?

She uses her powers.

What is her emotional state?

She has self-satisfaction from being right. For example, when reading someone’s fate, she will stop at nothing to prove that she read it right.

What do other characters say about her?

Other characters see the witches as supernatural beings that do not belong on this planet. They find the witches very deceiving, cruel and odd.

What does she represent?

She represents a supernatural figure of evil that is able to come up with prophecies for the future. Her prophecies make up a main part of the story as without them the storyline wouldn’t go this way.

What is expected from her?

It is expected that her prophecies come true.

(written by Calista Annika)

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