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Oct 22, 2014

special character in macbeth by shakespeare

10:22 AM

Literature character analysis 


Malcolm is a middle-aged man who is about an ordinary weight who dresses in royal clothes.  He is greedy and arrogant and selfish and speaks royally since he is the prince and heir to the throne and must learn manners and very manipulative and speaks clearly. 

He wants to be the king more than anything and chances are he does that consciously and deliberately, it appears that he wants to simply wait out the king until he dies and simply takes the throne. From how loyal he seems and his manipulative attitude he seems to be feigning his loyalty towards his father. 

He seems to be compassionate about his dreams of being king but smart enough not to physically attempt to take the throne and plays smart and is optimistic enough to believe no one else will interfere in his master plan.

He seems to notice how naive the king is and believes he is unfit to lead or simply want to be in a position of power. By the way he talks others might notice how polite he is but this maybe part of his ultimate plan from what I have gathered he is meant to represent both a mans greed but at the same time laziness as his greed of power lead him to want to be king but his laziness leaves him to end up waiting for the kingship to be handed to him.
My station in life is to simply become the king and have the power over the country 

(character analysis presented by Kristo Prihanggono)

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