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Mar 4, 2015

1 Minute Monologue for Teens

10:14 AM
Character: Dottore
from Commedia Dell’arte 
posted by Bella

Character description:

- Pronounces ‘s’ as ‘sh’
- Always descends while thinking, then suddenly rises as he comes up with a fake and exaggerated solution.Trademark items are the book and a white handkerchief.
-  Walks in tiny miscellaneous steps.
He wears a long garment and knee socks.

*walks in with a book propped up at hand, glasses perched on the bridge of the nose, dangerously hanging*

Thus, the drug Melizapan, which is a powerful sleeping pill that is transcribed post surgery, can cause memory loss when mixed with alchohol.

*pushes up glasses with a slight pointed finger, flipping the page dramatically*

Symptoms are usually strong, affected with a high hangover, which makes the party oblivious of the drug that has been running in their systems. Hmmm…

*closes the book abruptly, jutting out chin*

Ofcourse! Just as I thought, my presumptions are always correct. Very well then, that is one more to fill the blank space on my list of UNBEATABLE MEDICINES by
DOTTORE. (exaggerates with big and circular hand motions, voice layering deep)
                        But hold on.

*stops in his steps, tilting his head to the side*

What shall this medicine do? A medicine for memory loss? No no no no NO! (hardens voice with each word) It is the very cause of it. I should be looking for a cure.

*His habit of descending his posture comes out, starts walking again*

So does that mean my discovery was useless?!

*Body wavers and dramatically sways around the stage, the back of the hands to his forehead*

Me… Me… The genius and highly adored, envied and closest to perfection human being has done something… USELESS?!

Never in my entire knowledge, would I find myself, in such a disgraceful situation.
All because, of a worthless memory loss drug.

*Stops his swaying and stands still, with a hand outstretched*

Ah yes!! A memory loss drug. I can sell this to the King, as an aid in his mischief, and it shall be a miraculous and time-changing drug.
Being able to take control of one’s memory, one’s brain. Oh, they would regard to me as a Royalty.

*Paces back and forth with overly wide motions, a fast and hasty speed of talking*

Royalty doesn’t even suffice for what I can do. They’ll see me as a philosopher. NO! Even better.

*Stares up at the light, a sparkling and honored look in his eyes*

They shall see me as their God. An almighty human being, who controls one’s mind as I please. The King would go ballistics over this, and if I sell it at a ridiculously high price, I will be filthy rich by the time dawn breaks!
I knew it, I was a genius all along.
Praise the lord who bestowed upon me this worthy brain.

*Closes hands in praying motion before clapping his hands twice*

Now I shall get down to business. Where is the King?

*Scooters around stage before disappearing to the door*

King! Your Highnessty? King? Your Majesty! Wherefore art thou at, King?

*Exits stage*

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