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Oct 1, 2013

Drama Lesson Plan-Clown

2:48 PM

What is clown? 
History of clowns
Three basic types of clowns: white face, Auguste and character clowns.
The basic clown routine: entry, greeting/meeting, exit
Mirroring, Mimicry & Morphing
Mime and Pantomime
Costumes, makeup and props 
Knowledge and Understanding
-          Written work of the student understanding of the video being watched.
-          The history of clowning and types of clowns
-          Showing technique of  walk with three basic clown routine
-          Live clown/pantomime show interpretation

Reflection and Evaluation
-          Weekly reflection
-          Final self-reflection 
-          Regular feedback and evaluation workbook
-          Peer assessment

Personal Engagement

-       Personal Attitude
-        Interaction in class 
-       Portfolio documentation 
Audience etiquette

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